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    Shanghai YiHe Super Alloy Melting Factory. is a fast-growing Hi-Tech melting factory which specialized in developing, producing and machining of nickel alloy, titanium alloy, cobalt alloy and some stainless steels.

About Us    Our factory located in Shanghai JIADING National Hi-Tech zone. Our factory is equipped 2 Medium Frequency Induction Furnace, 1 Vacuum Induction Furnace (VIM), 2 Electro Slag Furnace (ESR), Heat-Treatment Furnace, Forging Machine, Lathes, Saw Machines, Optical Emission Spectrometry, Ultrasonic Test Device and other equipment. We can provide vacuum melting, electro slag re-melting, forging, heat treatment, machining services.

    Main materials we smelting include INCOLOY series, Inconel series, HASTELLOY series, MONEL series, NIMONIC series, and some other special alloy series.

    The forms of our products: ingot, bloom, bar, plate, pipe, flange, wire, ring, pipe fittings and some tailor made products

    Our products are widely used in the petrochemical, power stations, off- shore platforms, environmental protection, aerospace, metallurgical, micro-electronics, and machine processing industries.

    We established raw materials management, equipment management, process management, quality management, production planning management to ensure the quality of products and production cycles, to meet special quality, quantities and tailor-made products requirements.

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Add:No. 1521 Jia Tang Highway ,Lou Town, Jiading District ,ShangHai,China